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10 key things you need

  • A fully qualified experienced Maths and Science teacher
  • 1 to 1 teaching
  • Evening and Weekend tuition
  • Well equipped science facilities
  • Cover all GCSE and A Level core experiments
  • Teaching effective Exam techniques
  • Enhanced CRB (Disclosure and Disbarring Service)
  • Pay as you go
  • KS2 from £35 per hour, KS3 and GCSE from £40 per hour and A Levels from £50 per hour
  • Ring 01442 234892 or Email:

Berkhamsted Private Tuition for 1:1 tuition in Maths, Double and Triple Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics


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Once again I want to thank you for all your help. I definitey couldn't have done it without you.

This student moved up from a D to and A grade in Maths GCSE

Thank you for everyhing over the last 5 years. You really have improved my Maths and Biology. I've really enjoyed all our lessons and will miss them!

This studennt successfully completed her GCSES with excellent grades and went onto finish her A levels with me. She is waiting to go off to the University of her choice.

There is only one chance for your son's or daughter's education. You need to ensure that they reach 

Chemistry Rates of Reactiontheir full potential at the first attempt. We teach your child on a 1:1 basis. We do the theory and the practical work to aid learning. We give homework to reinforce the work covered in the lessons. We feel that practical work is essential to science learning and we get the students to do practical work at every opportunity.Why we believe in practical work. We take a look at your childs skills and knowledge, find any weaknesses and turn them into strengths. In this way the children do really well. Have a look at the books we use Recommended Books.

Our Private Teachers offer skills in the following:

KS2 Maths English and Science

KS3 Maths, English and Science

GCSE Subjects:
MathsPhysics, Chemistry, Biology, Science21st Century ScienceDouble ScienceTriple ScienceICT/Computing ( Programming), Geography, English Language, Economics, Business Studies, History.

Transition Courses GCSE Maths to A Level Maths FSMQ Additional Mathematics

A Level:
Maths, Further Maths, ChemistryBiologyPhysics, ICT, Computer Studies, Business Studies, Economics, Geography

Some of the Experiments we carry outGCSE and A Level Exam technique:
Good exam technique can gain quite a lot of extra marks. This is often not taught in schools yet is essential to help students gain the best grades.

BTEC Levels 1,2,3 ICT, Business Studies, Forensic Science

Computer Programming in Python, Java, C++, Pascal, HTML, PHP, Perl and VB.Net. Learn how to teach Programming

We teach all ages ranges from KS2 to Adult. We also offer remote tutoring using Skype and other electronic communication and teaching software when it is convenient.

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